Dc to DC Chargers

Dc to DC Chargers

Dc to DC Chargers

DC to DC Chargers produce the right amount of charge and manage the charge sources of your dual battery system, including solar input. We supply a comprehensive range of DC to DC chargers from various manufacturers.

Projecta Intelli-Charge Dual Battery Chargers:

Deep cycle batteries cannot be completely charged from a vehicle’s alternator which only delivers a single voltage, typically 13.8V. This voltage (13.8V) under-charges and reduces the life of the deep cycle battery. The 3 stage charge delivered by the IDC range of chargers inputs a tailored charge specific to the selected battery ensuring increased performance and life of your deep cycle battery. The first stage (bulk) charges the battery faster while the second stage (absorption) ensures the battery is thoroughly charged. The final stage (float) maintains the battery ready for use and can be left connected indefinitely.

Matson DC to DC Dual Battery Chargers

Matsons MA20DCS 20 amp DC to DC charger with solar input offers sophisticated 3 stage smart charging utilizing switch mode technology and designed to charge your storage/auxiliary battery using the vehicles 12V power source.

The MA30DCS DC-DC battery charger is the ideal companion for mounting inside the 4x4 , Caravan , camper or RV for charging auxiliary batteries. The charger offers a strong 30 amp charging current with the flexibility of being able to be powered by both 12V from a vehicle alternator and up to 500 watts of solar panels simultaneously. The unit’s solar regulator uses Maximum Power  Point  Tracking  (MPPT)  technology to maximise the efficiency of the power harvested from the sun.The real strength of the MA30DCS comes in its versatility. The low voltage cut-out and chargingc cut-in  voltages can be adjusted to suit most applications, making this unit ideal for vehicles with low or variable voltage alternators (Min cut in voltage 12.0V). The bulk charge and float charge voltages can be adjusted to suit different battery types, including Lithium (LiFePO4) and you can even decide if you want your solar panel input to take priority over the 12V alternator input. Note* This charger is not designed to be mounted in the engine bay or externally.

REDARC DC to DC Dual Battery Chargers

REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Chargers feature technology designed to fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%. These unique DC to DC chargers ensure an auxiliary battery is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge regardless of its type or size.

REDARC Lithium Iron Phosphate In-Vehicle Battery Chargers are suitable for use with a range of LiFePO4 batteries. They feature technology designed to fully charge an auxiliary LiFePO4 battery from the vehicle charging system and solar panels.

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